Who we are?
Who we are?

Who we are?

SOS Children Village International is an international nonprofit organization for social protection, dedicated to protect children’s rights since 1949, when the first SOS Children Village in the world was formed by Herman Gmeiner, in the little town of Imst in Austria. The founder, Herman Gmeiner, dedicated himself to help and protect children who lost their homes and their families in World War II. With the support from many friends, donors and associates, this organization starts to help children from all over the world. In 133 countries and territories. The activities of this organization, are focused on support of orphans and children without parental care but also to children who grow up and live in socially disadvantaged families.

SOS Children Villages are focused on family support, long term care for the children who lost the possibility to live with their biological families.

In our villages, they can once again find supportive environment and love, growing in homes until they become young independent individuals.

SOS Children Village gives support to all children at risk, especially to those who have lost their parents or live in very hard conditions. Basis of our work and our prime goal is respect, promotion and raising our voice for children rights. Through our activities, we are trying to inform general public and our associates for all the problems that these children are facing and to appeal for taking measures that will promote the welfare of these children around the world. Parallel with our lobbying activities, we encourage the children to take active part in processes that determines their lives.

SOS children Villages respect different cultures and religions and we work in countries and communities were our mission can contribute to their development.

We work in the spirit of UN Convention for children’s rights, and we are promoting this right’s all over the world.

More recently, the work of this organization extended beyond the child care in the field of prevention through family strengthening programs. Through the work with and for the families we strive to prevent crises that can lead to children being forced to leave their biological family.

SOS Children Villages offer different type of support, in order to strengthen and stabilize families as much as possible so that they can manage independently to live with their lives and to take care for their children. Family strengthening programs are very efficient in their support to improve the resources of families and communities, their ability to self-organize their responsibility for the welfare of children.

Currently in 500 SOS Children's Villages worldwide there are around 60 000 children.