Preventive programs

Preventive programs

Our organization SOS Children Village Macedonia, beside recognizable successful form of care for children without parental care, is focused on prevention and support of children who are in risk to be rejected from their natural environment and to lose care from their biological family. The programs for family strengthening have the purpose to avoid children's abundance from family's and community. This is done by continuous support which provides the families to strengthen their parental ability to take care of their children, as well as through strengthening safety nets for neglected children ( children at risk) and their families within the community.

Our services through our projects are designed for families with children under 18 years, and they are focused to a family as a whole, including all children and parents/guardians in a family.

Through our programs, we always use approach which is based on respecting children's rights. Our organization operates according guidelines of the UN Convention on the children's rights, including what is the "best interest for a child" "undiscriminating" "survival and development" and " secure children participation in the decision making process.

Every project is consist of a package of services designed to support the families in certain area, such as:

Providing access for all families to the basic services, create to meet children's elementary needs for development. This includes financial, educational, health and psycho-social support, support families and enabling them to protect and take care for their children's. Also, includes assistance for families to develop parental knowledge and skill; support in providing a stable source of funding and effective management of this resource, (eg. income and food processing) in order to be able to provide basic needs for their children's normal growth and development.

Strengthening the systems for support of children at risk and their families in community
One of the main focuses of activities of this project aimed at strengthening cooperation with other members of the community (municipal, state institutions, Ngoc's and other relevant community services) in order of supporting family and their needs.

At this moment SOS Children Villages Macedonia implements prevention programs in two municipalities, Gazi Baba and Suto Orizari, which are supporting 300 children and 110 families.